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"Art makes you pay attention to things you wouldn't have time to notice too caught up in the strings of habits you've entangled yourself as you're competing in the race of existence" - Lada

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Lada Egorova’s journey into filmmaking started with her performance as a ghost in a student short film, she didn’t know much about life and happiness at that time (not that she knows much more now) but she was certain of one thing: she HAD to be on a film set as much as possible. But as she worked on countless projects, she quickly realized she wanted to write her own stories and create complex female characters who would be part of extraordinary adventures, have to fight against impressive forces of life and who would be as fun and inspiring to watch as their male counterparts.

She interned at various production companies in France and in the US while she wrote and directed several award-winning short films. One of her latest short film projects PAPOCHKA was selected by the French Film Organization Ciclic to be part of a screenwriting residency, and later got her to receive a film grant for its production.

After accumulating a diverse and extensive body of work at a French film university in Paris and being an exchange student at The California State University, she stayed in Los Angeles where she is currently developing her own projects, helping other upcoming filmmakers to produce their films and expanding her photography skills by working with diverse artists.

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You have a question about my work? You want to work together? You want to grab a coffee and discuss about art and life? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Paris/Los Angeles

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